The American Glider


Here’s my outdoor seating area with vintage outdoor furniture from the 1930’s and a table which was designed by Maya Lin, the artist that designed the American Viet Nam Memorial. The furniture in this setting was all produced by the Howell Company, an American manufacturer active in the Thirties and Forties. The Howell 525 is a low-back spring steel chair with a perforated steel seat and back.

These chairs are an engineering marvel. They are extremely comfortable and they’re still here after living outdoors for eighty years. The Howell 526 is the high-back version of their spring steel chair. And the upholstered glider circa 1930 is one of the first glider designs. It predates the embossed seat and back versions of the late 1940’s and early 50’s that are highly desirable collectibles today. This glider also has a back that folds down into a daybed. It’s been updated in modern fabrics, but it was first made with Victorian-styled cushions and heavy fringe hanging to the floor…


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