"Fix It & Finish It" Production Reel

Fix it and Finish It is a daily syndicated design show that renovates one space a day, 120 renovations a year, for lucky families across the US. As the only featured designer on the show, Nicki brings an authentic and unconventional design view and detail-oriented construction management combined with years as a television producer to her work on the series.

Below is a sampling of Nicki’s designs on “Fix It and Finish It:”

Nicki turns a 1950’s ranch house garage into a dining room where a young family can eat al fresco while enjoying their young toddler plays on the driveway. Features a unique vintage pulley system attached to a hatch covering the basement.

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Nicki Huggins completely remodels a kitchen from top to bottom in one day for the Mercer family in Louisville, KY. This family needed a clean environment for their baby Hadley who is in recovery from battling leukemia for nine months enduring both chemo and a bone marrow transplant. As a bonus, Nicki opened the adjacent dining room wall and gave that room a makeover, also.

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Nicki turns the middle room of a Louisville Shotgun Shack circa 1910 into a glam female office and guest room. “If a shotgun shack was a boutique hotel room…” is how Nicki describes it. Features a focal wall of leather tiles.

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Nicki installs an exterior French door, creates a deck and builds a masonry fire pit in the backyard of a young neuroscientist’s 1920’s Mission style bungalow. The outdoor space has a front row view of 65’ Vulcan, a statue that overlooks Birmingham, AL and hosts their annual Fourth of July celebration. Nicki dedicates this episode to her mom Mary who died of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Nicki Huggins designs an attic bedroom for a young girl in an early 1800’s house in Savannah GA. Renovation features custom cane and reclaimed heart pine hanging bed, painting technique of pickling, and innovative use of an antique pulley. Nicki describes this renovation as “Southern Arabian Nights.”

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Nicki renovates an 1899 farmhouse kitchen for recent kidney transplantee Melanie, bringing it up to code and taking one more worry away so that she can focus on her continued recovery. Period details include a Victorian plate rail.

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A painting by the homeowner inspires Nicki’s one day renovation of a young family’s living and dining rooms – a sleek modern update that features iconic characters created by famed artist Gary Baseman. “I have the coolest house of all my friends,” declared their young son.

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Nicki renovates a 1938 Railroad Duplex living room in Montgomery, AL. Highlights of the one day reno include tin ceilings, wood floors, wainscoting, faux stone wallpaper, custom made raw cotton “off the boll” bench, and Nicki’s photographs mounted on wood. Includes period details.

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A crop circle is Nicki’s inspiration for an outdoor renovation that includes synthetic turf, a play set makeover, patio, outdoor furnishings and landscaping.

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Nicki designs custom wardrobes out of reclaimed heart pine for a 1901 Victorian house in Savannah, GA.

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Nicki designs a home recording studio for an aspiring Neo Soul recording artist in Birmingham, AL.

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